Thursday, September 15, 2011


Let me start by saying this: I'm in Caratunk, Maine, and it's raining again.  Thankfully, the weather forecast says that the rain will only last one day (followed by a week of GORGEOUS weather), and so I'm planning on spending today at Northern Outdoors playing pinball and goofing off.  Tomorrow I start the two and a half day stretch to Monson, after which I hit the 100 mile wilderness and then Katahdin.  I'm guessing it's going to take me about 10 more days, but the finish line is in sight.  Woah!

This morning I went to the post office in Caratunk, and the lady at the front desk said, "Oh, you're Bree Carlson! I was hoping to meet you!  I've never seen ANYBODY get THIS MUCH mail!" Friends, thank you.  The outpouring of love and support that I received at the post office this morning is overwhelming, and so deeply appreciated .  While the past few days have been beautiful days, I have to admit that I haven't been really feeling up to this hike anymore.  I think part of it is that I'm ready to be done, ready to wear cotton clothing, ready to start planning my next adventure, ready to go back to work, and ready for reliable cell phone service so that I can catch up with all of you after months of being away.  (Small aside: I'm also sick of being around guys all the time. Don't get me wrong- guys are great, but I've been feeling like a participant in the man show for the past few weeks now, instead of feeling like a woman in charge of her own hike.  Time to strike out on my own, and leave the group I've been hiking with, I think.)  Anyhow, all that to say this: I was feeling a bit blue, and then I went to the post office and all of you made my day, and gave me the energy jolt needed to keep it going to the (spectacular) finish line.  Thank you.

I'll write more later, as other thru-hikers who are avoiding the rain are waiting to use this computer.

Again, thank you.

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  1. You're at Northern Outdoors?? I feel like I'm just on the wrong cycle with you.. but in all the same places. We were at their hut at the Penobscot (in Millinockett.. overlooking Kitahdin) this past weekend. What a great group of people! I hope 1) that the facility you're at has a hot tub thats HOT and 2) that you gloriously bask in it throughout your stay there today.

    :) Love and hugs!!